Sleep pods





24/7 pod hotel

Nap, sleep and work from anywhere. 

Our new pod hotel will aim to welcome tired local workers, business travellers, tourists, digital nomads, and therapists looking for affordable, practical, and quiet rental accommodation.

Conceptualised upon our experience running three "Nap & Sleep stations" in London, the hotel will showcase a mix of small connected rooms, pod dorms, and sleep pods. We will create the best affordable sleep experience through years of research with wellbeing experts and sleep, coaches.

Moreover, we target carbon-neutral by 2025 with our tailored implementation framework and repurposing an under-utilised space.

Our offer

[In development]

Daytime pod by the hour to rest, relax, and work in peace

Night stay in your private soundproof pod

Upgrade for our connected mini-suite room

Our services will include

Seamless flexible check-in/out

Lockers / luggage storage

Access to our content hub

Healthy snacks

Partner discounts

Coming Soon. You'll be able to register your interest and get discount for our new opening in 2023.

How it works


Book your private space for minimum of 30 easily by a quick sign up


You will recive an email confirming your booking

Check In

Receptionist will welcome you and set up your private pod

Enjoy Your Break

Just laydown and rest. You can meditate, take a nap or just sleep

New Opening in 2023

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